Ivana Ožegović - Savjetnica Udruga

Ivana Ožegović

  • Specialist study of sports law at the Faculty of Law, Split, Croatia
  • MA-LU School for Independent Accountants, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management, Opatija, Croatia
  • Secondary School of Economics, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Among the 7 most successful Croatian entrepreneurs according to Women in adria
  • Future sports lawyer
  • Specialization in the business and bookkeeping of sports clubs
  • Accountant and business advisor in accordance with legal requirements
  • The initiator of the Facebook group Advisor to Non-profit organizations
  • Editor and presenter of the web radio show Non-profit advisor
  • Guest on the TV show Klopka on the subject of association and agency
  • Occasional guest on Radio M from Vela Luka, Croatia
  • Permanent author of articles in the Udruga.hr magazine
  • Author of the book „Non-profit organizations in the trading business“
  • Occasional Accounting and business advisor for accounting and tax practices associations (RiPup)
  • One of the lecturers of Udruga.hr magazine at the education “Easy bookkeeping” and at the seminar „The TOP30 answers-questions“
  • Held over 90 seminars and trainings held in its own organization throughout Croatia in its own organization
  • An advisor when starting a business and business improvement
  • Owns a bookkeeping service in Zagreb, and at the end of 2015 opens a book office in Split