Ivana Ožegović - Savjetnica Udruga

Ivana Ožegović

  • Specialist study of sports law at the Faculty of Law, Split, Croatia
  • MA-LU School for Independent Accountants, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management, Opatija, Croatia
  • Secondary School of Economics, Zagreb, Croatia
  • the owner of the bookkeeping service
  • owner of the Mystique studio for EMS-EMA training (electrostimulation of muscles)
  • accountant and business advisor in accordance with legal regulations
  • lecturer of the finance module at the Demosten Digital Academy for Social Network Management
  • temporary adviser for bookkeeping and operations of the Association for Accounting and Taxes in Practice (RiPup)
  • permanent author of articles in the magazine Udruga.hr
  • specialization in business and bookkeeping of non-profit organizations
  • coordinator of the Sports Committee of the VOICE OF ENTREPRENEURS Association
  • member of the Supervisory Board of the VOICE OF ENTREPRENEURS Association
  • among 15 micro-entrepreneurs owned by women according to the 1 in 4 million project (Mastercard and Jutarnji list)
  • among the 7 most successful Croatian entrepreneurs according to Women in Adria 2018
  • held over 90 seminars and training courses in the whole of Croatia in her own organization
  • future sports coach